Meet Sherry

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Sherry Mckay is an Ojibway Anishinabe woman from Treaty 1 Territory. Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba and band member of Sakgeeng First Nation. Her birth father originates from Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation.

She’s a proud mother of 4 children Dakota, Kelton Lindsay and Liam and credits her role as a mother to her perseverance and ambition.

Her childhood dream was to become a Police Officer and fight on behalf of her Indigenous community on social issues regarding systemic racism and racial profiling. When in a University Police Prep course she discovered her passion for Policing was driven by the desire to help her Indigenous community and not to reprimand or punish.

She discovered a way to share important messages and engage in education and discussions regarding Indigenous issues such as MMIWG2S, systemic racism and cultural appropriation.

It was through media she noticed a shift where Indigenous people can share and educate.

Her short period at Red River College’s Creative Communications program gave her the necessary skills to start her journey into media production. Her focus is to assert Indigenous representation in media and film.

Tiktok is where she has had the biggest impact on her journey.

Her future aspirations is to write and direct her own movie and sitcom series with an Indigenous focus.

Her content consists of Indigenous Comedy, awareness and stereotypes.

She was recently verified on Tiktok with over 235k followers and plans to use her platform to further amplify the voices of Indigenous people and People of Color.

Sherry acknowledges non Indigenous Allyship on and off social media and gives thanks and appreciation to anyone who stands in Solidarity with Indigenous People.


~ Chi-Meegwech to those who are here with me on this journey,

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